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tango paradiso sydney

Tango Paradiso

Moshlo & Romano Crivici, violin; Carla Thackrah, flute; Daniel Rojas, piano; Marko Deferri, accordion; Bella Brown, bass AND Nadia Piave singer.

Tango Paradiso, considered one of Australia's best and most established tango orchestras, brings the electric energy and smouldering passion of tango alive.


With the acclaimed South American pianist Daniel Rojas; the wonderful voice of Nadia Piave, a singer well know to ABC radio listeners with a repertoire ranging from renaissance song through to cabaret and world music; astounding Slav violinist Moshlo; composer & violinist Romano Crivici; ex principal flute with the Australian Opera, Carla Thackrah and bassist Bella Brown, the band is a mix of the best and wildest musical temperaments on offer!


The band has performed and recorded in Buenos Aires, the home of tango, as well as having played to acclaim at many world music and tango festivals around Australia and is a regular at the Woodford Folk Festival.


Born in the bordellos of Buenos Aires at the turn of last century, the dance of tango is considered by some to be 'vertical sex'. The music that inspires the dance plays the field between the harmonic complexities of jazz, the technical brilliance of classical music to finish finally in the silky sensuality of Piazzolla's great tango tunes.


They also at times, perform with the Tango Paradiso Dancers.




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Romano Crivici

Carla Thackrah

Daniel Rojas

Nadia Piave

In 2013 the band was augmented with a lineup of Sydney musicians. It features the brilliant pianist Daniel Rojas, one of the original members from 2001 as well as Moshlo, Carla Thackrah, Bella Brown and Romano Crivici.


Rehearsing  at the Darlington School, Sydney.

tango paradiso sydney
tango paradiso sydney

The band performing for Sydney Tango Milonga at Concord RSL in 2013

The band performing at BLUE BEAT JAZZ CLUB, Double Bay. Dec, 2013

tango paradiso sydney

© 2022 Carla Thackrah. Photos Carla Thackrah, Chris Osbourne & Steve Swayne

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