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 In 2003 Tango Paradiso first invited dancers to perform with them for the 2003 BEMAC Valley Fiesta in Brisbane, and so was born the Tango Paradiso Dancers. They continued to perfrom with us at many Woodford Folk Festivals, BEMAC events and lunchtime concerts for the Brisbane City Council as well our first CD launch at the Irish Club in Brisbane. The founding members were Rosemary & Greg Ensby, Alan & Carmel Hunter, Trevor Peach, Arno King & Tanya Teatini Climeo, Judy Cook, John & Cheryl Lowry,  later joined by many others including Damian Thompson & Julianne Martens.

The Tango Paradiso Dancers

Greg & Rosemary Ensby, founding members of Tango Paradiso Dancers and later directors and choreographers, perform with Moshlo at Woodford Folk Festival

The Heart of Tango show with Tango Paradiso and Dancers at Woodford Folk Festival, 2011


Greg & Rosemary Ensby, David Ostini & Julianne Martens, Lydia Commins & Michael; Elise Weightman & Michael Kraftt perfrom with Tango Paradiso at Woodford Folk Festival 2010

Greg & Rosemary Ensby; Lawrence Yates & Jennifer ; Lydia Commins & Michael; David Ostini & Spikey, take a bow at Woodford Folk Festival 2011.

Tango Paradiso with Fabio & Ana at Bellingen Global Carnival, 2005. Performing Piazzolla's Revirado.

John & Cheryl Lowry perform a conjenge with Tango Paradiso at BEMAC World Music Cafe, QPAC, Brisbane.

Rosemary Ensby stars as 'The Cleaner' in this tango comedy at the Brisbane City Hall in 2005.

Rosemary & Greg, John & Cheryl, Alan & Carmel Hunter, Tania & Arno dance to Piazzolla's Oblivion in this tango comedy at the Brisbane City Hall in 2005.

Damian Thompson and Tanya Teatini-Climeo dance to Tango Paradiso's Mal de Amores in 2006 at Woodford Folk Festival.

© 2022 Carla Thackrah. Photos Carla Thackrah, Chris Osbourne & Steve Swayne

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