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Tango Paradiso - the story

The story began years ago when as a child Moshlo (the co-founder of the band) heard tangos played by popular European orchestras of the 1930. His parents had migrated to Australia from Poland, and had brought with them a collection of old records which included tango and klezmer That was enough to make a profound impression.



For years he kept a hidden corner in his heart for these soulful melodies. Years later  Moshlo and Carla (the flautist and his wife) developed an interest in dancing Argentine tango, and with that came a re-birth of Mosh's interest in the music.  They began to transcribe music from their favourite CDs, listening to the great Argentinean bands of the 1930 and 40’s, and whenever friends visited Buenos Aires, they would scour the music shops for sheet music to bring home.



The band, Tango Paradiso was established initially as a duo with Danial Rojas on piano in 2000, but soon the flute and second violin were added to form a quintet. They searched in vain for a bandoneon player, and found instead  Marko Deferri, a virtuoso button accordion player from Slovenia.



Above all, the most essential ingredient to capture is the energy and style of tango. Early tango ensembles in fact had a great variety of instruments, including flute, and other woodwinds, and did not always have the familiar sounds of the bandoneon. After much work with Argentine tango musicians in Buenos Aires, that elusive energy is in abundance in their performances.


The band today...



The band in 2002 was a quartet with Daniel Rojas, Joel, Carla Thackrah and Moshlo



tango paradiso


And in 2003 they recorded their first CD with Paul Hankinson on piano and the wonderful singer, Marina Varney. Roland Aneney on 2nd violin and Andrew Shaw and John Varney on bass.



tango paradiso buenos aires



In 2004, during one of their many visits to Buenos Aires, Carla and Moshlo met a well known Argentinean musician, Facundo Bericat, and he has become the band's principal arranger. 


In 2005, they travelled again to Buenos Aires to perform and record a CD. Carla made a film of their adventures - "Bitter Sweet Buenos Aires"




In 2013 the band was augmented with a lineup of Sydney musicians to allow them more freedom to perform interstate. It features the brilliant pianist Daniel Rojas, one of the original members from 2001 as well as Moshlo, Carla Thackrah, Bella Brown and Romano Crivici.



tango paradiso woodford folk festival

The band plays regularly at the Woodford Folk Festival. This is in 2009 with Andrew Shaw, bass; Marco Deferri, accordion; Carla Thackrah, flute; Eugenie Shaw and Moshlo, violin.

© 2022 Carla Thackrah. Photos Carla Thackrah, Chris Osbourne & Steve Swayne

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